After I left Prison Fellowship Singapore, I have been asked on numerous occasions what I will be doing next. Five months ago, I had a vague sense of what that was.  Since then, the fog has somewhat cleared and from that darkness seemingly random pieces have fallen into place, increasingly giving clarity to what lies ahead.  A significant expression of this is Awful Grace.

Awful Grace is both a concept and a movement. The concept emanates not from a philosophical place but from the depths of personal experience. Yet the experience of awful grace is not peculiar to any one person. Many through the ages have experienced the excruciating pain that meets itself upon the soul. If they stay with it so that the lessons are truly imbibed, then it begins transforming itself to an exquisite pain. The pain that Aeschylus speaks of which brings wisdom.

Within that space of acknowledgement, awful grace becomes awe-filled grace. The ability to realise that the pain which never forgets, falls drop by drop upon the heart, and even in that moment, it is grace. It is grace because even in the midst of the unpleasant is good experienced. It is grace because awful does become awe-filled when we realise the purpose for that pain.

Grace and peace.