Imagining what it is like to be someone other than yourself is at the core of our humanity.
It is the essence of compassion ...
- Ian Mcewan -

These are communities within Awful Grace that address the key elements of people, finances, and programmes.

It is about building human capacity, stewarding resources, and facilitating programmes.

Kintsugi Companions is a way in which we can become companions to those who desire to honestly confront issues in the past that are barriers to progress. To continue on that journey toward the attainment of goals in the quest to be all that the person can be.

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Projek Namaste is an expression of Awful Grace that seeks to raise the dignity of affected communities through connecting those with the means in support of people who through circumstance or economics, have significant need for basic aid.

Namaste is about honouring the person and redeeming his/her essential humanity of goodness and dignity. It is about celebrating our common humanity in desiring and bringing about the wellbeing of all of us.

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