We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we made.
- Ted Kennedy -

Stewardship Trust Logo

Through Stewardship Trust, Awful Grace supports projects around the world that enriches the stewardship experiences of both the giver and receiver.  We collaborate with individuals and organisations to bring about philanthropic contributions for transformation.

Stewardship Trust is about being trustworthy as stewards both as trustee-givers and trustee-receivers. Of being able to see poverty not only as financial deprivation but also as character deficit. Of coming to the realisation that when I steward my financial resources well by giving, this causes me to be rich in character. Of coming to the realisation that in receiving financially, my poverty of circumstance is alleviated, but so is my character enriched when I steward it well.

The virtuous cycle of giving and receiving enriches us all, giver and receiver.  When the satisfaction of giving is as rich as the gratitude of receiving, it is a transaction that is valued but not monetized. Everyone gets to keep what is most valued by each – for the giver, joy and fulfilment; for the receiver, dignity and self-respect.

If you wish to link hands with us and become a steward of Awful Grace, please email us at awed@awfulgrace.org