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Christine Tan

Christine is the Founder of Awful Grace. Together with volunteers at Awful Grace, she works with prisoners and their families, and at-risk youths, in addition to other disenfranchised communities in Singapore and around the world. She is passionate about establishing a global social purpose movement that addresses social injustices. Between 2013 and 2016, Christine was the Executive Director of a not-for-profit organisation. She began her career as a change management consultant in the 1990s. Thereafter she continued to pursue a career in the areas of branding and marketing. She is currently a practising clinical counsellor. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in Psychology and in Business Administration. She went on to obtain a Masters in International Relations . Her counselling credentials include a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Master of Arts in Counselling.

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Soon Pek Quann

Pek Quann believes in supporting marginalised communities regardless of ethnicity, religion and gender.  With a background in finance and accounting, she spent the earlier part of her career in the corporate and investment banking arena.  She is now involved in the financial and operational aspects of a private resort organisation.

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Imran Khwaja

Imran is a Partner at Tan Rajah & Cheah. He is mainly engaged in Dispute Resolution including areas of arbitration, commercial law, employment, insolvency, Islamic law, defamation, club law and constitutional law.  A very large part of his practice consists of family law and he also runs a Syariah law practice particularly in family law. Imran is an Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and he also serves as Mediator for Inadequate Professional Services Complaints for the Law Society of Singapore.  He is also a Mediator for the Healthcare Mediation Scheme. He has also been appointed to the Panel of Child Representatives of the Family Justice Courts. He is one of few lawyers who runs a Family Collaborative Practice in which disputes are dealt with and resolved by way of a friendly, non-contentious, negotiated settlement, assisted by lawyers.

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Nambi Viswalingam

Nambi is a lawyer with an interest in family law. He is also an accredited mediator.  He has been a board member of a non-profit organisation for more than a decade. He enjoys working with youths and has been a mentor for several youths for more than 11 years. He is passionate about journeying with youth-at-risk and the marginalised communities.

Sumitri Menon

Company Secretary

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