Toki Formation

Throughout our lives from the time we were born, we are being moulded or formed by our parents, caregivers, society and circumstance. At times this formation doesn’t lead to a life that is whole. Tojiki or Toki is a Japanese word for pottery. It also means “Full of Hope” and “Time of Opportunity”.

Toki Formation is a pottery-based programme developed by Awful Grace, which covers the art of moulding clay and creating an object of beauty. Coupled with this kinaesthetic experience, valuable lessons of character formation and life skills acquisition are taught and through pottery making, caught. Life lessons are drawn from the techniques used in hand-building pottery. At the end of the programme, participants will have learnt how to produce works of art in the creation of clay pottery and have had object lessons in character formation and/or the acquisition of life skills. 

We are excited to partner with Singapore Prison Service and Assumption Pathway School in running this programme. For more information about running Toki Formation in your organisation or participating in it, please email us at

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