The Journey

This is our journey thus far. Trace it by reading our past eNews issues. If you would like to be a part of it, let us know and we will include you in our mailing list. Fill in the page here or email us at

2020 eNews

Date Titles
April 2020 Dance In The Rain
May 2020 Standing In Solidarity


2019 eNews

Date Titles
December 2019  The Future Belongs To …
July 2019  Connected In The Deep
February 2019  World Day of Social Justice


2018 eNews

Date Titles
December 2018  Our Past Is Our Future And Our Present
November 2018  Celebrating Community
September 2018  Discover & Experience Hidden Communities
July 2018  You Are A Wonder
February 2018  Braving The Wilderness


2017 eNews


2016 eNews

Date Titles
December 2016 (Issue 2) Finding Yourself
December 2016 (Issue 1) Toki Formation
November 2016 (Issue 2) Onward to Nepal
November 2016 (Issue 1) The Gift That Continues Giving
October 2016 Unconditionally
September 2016 Children of Nepal
August 2016 Something Awful Is In The Works