Awful Grace ® is a social purpose movement that seeks to reach marginalised and disenfranchised communities in Singapore and around the world. Our efforts focus on social inclusion, restorative justice and sustainable community development for at-risk and in-risk children, prisoners and the elderly. We journey with victims through their circumstances and continue that journey beyond. We collaborate with organisations and people who want to join hands with us to bring dignity through our programmes and activities. Read our 2018 Review Report Here.

“He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”


Toki Formation

Throughout our lives from the time we were born, we are being moulded or formed by our parents, caregivers, society and circumstance. At times this formation doesn’t lead to a life that is whole. Tojiki or Toki is a Japanese word for pottery. It also means “Full of Hope” and “Time of Opportunity”.

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Projek Namaste

The expression “Namaste” is about honouring the person and redeeming her essential humanity of goodness and dignity. It is about celebrating our common humanity in desiring and bringing about the wellbeing of all of us. Projek Namaste is an expression of Awful Grace that seeks to raise the dignity of affected communities who through circumstance or economics, have significant need for basic aid.

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Stewardship Trust

Stewardship Trust is about being trustworthy as stewards both as trustee-givers and trustee-receivers. Through Stewardship Trust, Awful Grace supports projects that enrich the stewardship experiences of both the giver and receiver.  We collaborate with individuals and organisations to bring about philanthropic contributions for transformation.

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The virtuous cycle of giving and receiving enriches us all, giver and receiver. When the satisfaction of giving is as rich as the gratitude of receiving, it is a transaction that is valued but not monetised. Everyone gets to keep what is most valued by each – for the giver, joy and fulfilment; for the receiver, dignity and self-respect.  Projects and communities that we support are selected based on principles of stewardship. When you give to Awful Grace, you are a steward, not just a donor or volunteer.   Email us at

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